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How to Order Cable Tie Online?
By Burt Schwartz

There isn't a lot that the internet doesn't sell in this day and age - from shoes to chemicals and from books to medication - the World Wide Web has turned into a vast network of buyers and sellers just waiting to find each other. If you're in the market for cable ties the likelihood is that with just a click you will be able to find a bulky number of sites that sell all kinds of ties. The tricky part becomes knowing how to order exactly what you are looking for.

When buying cable ties you need to remember that they have a wide range of uses and are manufactured accordingly. Once upon a time ties were only seen in industrial areas but this is no longer the case and they are used by almost anyone that has a set of loose wires he wants to make neat. So, before you start clicking away on your orders you should know exactly what you need to do with your ties i.e. are you looking to tie up some loose wiring? Will you be using them with garbage bags? Will they be needed to bind thick cables? Once you have answered the question of 'why' you need the ties, then you can answer the question of 'what' kind of cable ties suit your needs best.

Cable ties have evolved over the past couple of decades and come with a long list of features. Many are unique in their design and can only be used for specific jobs. Let's say that you are a computer equipment manufacturer, you will not be able to make use of the Tefzel cable ties that are manufactured solely to be used in radiation producing plants and factories. Your best choice would be to go with tiny ties which are small, compact and ideal for the cables and wires that are used with computers. The quality and the features are really up to you to decide. You can pick out ties that can stand high temperatures or choose some that aren't prone to corrosion - options for customisation are available right down to your favourite colour.

Another factor that you should take into account while ordering cable ties online is the quantity that you need. Most cable-tie sites sell their goods in bulk, so if you were planning on buying a single piece it would be a good idea to make sure that the site caters to small orders before spending a good deal of your time going through the variety they offer. The likelihood is that you will not find a site that delivers small orders to make sure that you have a substantial demand before you take to online shopping for your cable tie needs.

After you have gone over the choices, look at the cable ties that suit your needs, you will end at the issue of shipment. Different sites have different delivery plans. Some might be able to make it to your store/house/business in a day; some can take up to a week. If you are in a hurry you need to makes sure that the site you are ordering from does not take too long to deliver the goods, otherwise you will get stuck.

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Creating Graphics With a Computer Drawing Tablet
By Jennifer Waller Platinum Quality Author

Artwork and technical drawing is something that has been prepared using pencil and paper for many of years. However the advent of computers has changed this and preparing and altering drawings and images on a computer screen is common practice these days.

One of the best methods of preparing graphics on a computer screen is a drawing tablet. These typically comprise two parts. The first is a flat surface which is connected to the computer. A pen, stylus or device known as a puck, which is programmed for use with the tablet is then used to draw on this. However typically the drawn image does not show up on the tablet itself, rather it appears on the computer screen.

One of the major advantages of using a drawing tablet is that it can be used in a similar style to paper and pencil. Creative people can find this beneficial in that it provides them with a more natural way of preparing on screen images. Those that are used to drawing free hand therefore have a digital method which works in a similar manner and provides a simple way of working on a computer.

A computer drawing tablet can be used for a few different purposes. First and foremost it is a method of creating on screen images and can be used for free hand or technical drawing purposes. It is also a simple way of altering and manipulating images and most people will be aware of the airbrushing that is used by magazines to enhance photos. It can also be used as a simple input device which is an ergonomic alternative to using a wired mouse or wireless trackball. If a computer has handwriting recognition software it can be used as a simple alternative to a keyboard.

Drawing tablets can also be known as graphics pads or digitizing tablets and there are a few different types. Some of these include active tablets, passive tablets, optical tablets and acoustic tablets. Each does similar tasks although using a slightly different method. The active tablet for example requires a battery controlled pen whereas the optical tablet has a pen with a small camera in the tip.

The cost for a simple drawing tablet can be as little as $50 with Genius making a few models which are ideal for home use. An example of this is the Genius EasyPeni405 which retails for around $50. The most well known manufacturer is Wacum with costs for their home and commercial tablets typically ranging between around $100 and $350.

The size of drawing tablets vary with smaller devices intended for home use being typically 4 x 5 or 6 x 8 inches in size. However this is the size of the input surface and the actual device will be larger. For more commercial use the size can increase to 9 x 12 inches or larger. These aspect ratios match up well with the size of a traditional monitor. However with wide screen monitors now being common more wide-format tablets are entering the market.

A drawing tablet is a simple way of working with graphics on a computer screen. It is an easy accessory to use and will give you the freedom to prepare and manipulate images and photographs in digital format.

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Got Computer Error Message - "The Memory Could Not Be Written or the Memory Could Not Be Read?"
By Mark Jy

What do you do when you try to run a program on your computer and then you get the below error message "the instruction at '0x...'referenced memory at '0x...' The memory could not be 'written'/'read'. Click OK to terminate the program"? Actually, in such a case, you have to close the program you tend to run without any other choice.

What causes the problem? Generally speaking, the reasons can be divided into two aspects: one is attributed to hardware which has something wrong; the other is from the faults of software. The following will discuss the reasons one by one.

A. Reasons for hardware faults:

1) The memory, hard disk or driver have been broken;
2) The memory has quality defect;
3) The computer has heat dissipation problem;
4) There is a bad connection between memory and main board;
5) There is a conflict between the two different memory or a conflict between memory and other hardware;

B. Reasons for software faults:

1) The program that the user tries to run has corrupted;
2) The program that the user wants to run exists some bugs;
3) There is a conflict between the program which the user wants to run and the operating system or some other programs;
4) There are problems existing in the relative software which the opening program is trying to work with. For example, when a user wants to display a format of a file but he/she fails, the possibility is that the video codec of the file corrupts;
5) The computer is affected by viruses;
6) There is a conflict between the anti-virus software and the operating system or the program which the user wants to run;
7) The operating system itself has some bugs.
8) Memory errors occur in the system. One of the examples is called memory leak which happens when the computer procedure puts the memory in an unqualified place. The phenomenon often occurs in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

That is all about the possible reasons. You can click here to seek solutions Fix memory error when you receive the above-mentioned computer error message" the memory could not be read/written."

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Jaringan Komputer


Alhamdulillah segala puji dan syukur kita panjatkan Kehadirat Allah SWT yang telah melimpahkan Rahmat-dan Hidayah-Nya Kepada saya, sehingga dapat menyelesaikan Tugas Jaringan Komputer II Mudah-mudahan akan dapat bermanfaat bagi saya sendiri pada khususnya dan bagi para pembaca pada umumnya.
Saya menyadari bahwa Tugas Laporan ini masih banyak terdapat kekurangan, oleh karena itu saran dan kritikan yang membangun sangat saya harap kan. Akhirnya saya mengharapkan agar Tugas Laporan yang sederhana ini dapat bermanfaat sebagaimana yang diharapkan.

Sigli , Februari 2010

Diwa Sabana


1. Pengenalan jaringan komputer
Jaringan adalah Suatu hubungan yang berfungsi sebagai alat untuk berkomunikasi, yang menggunakan media penghubung yaitu kabel.
Jaringan komputer adalah Sekelompok komputer yang saling terhubung dan dapat saling menggunakan sumber daya, informasi, dan data bergerak melalui media penghubung berupa kabel (Wire Network) atau tanpa kabel (Wireless Network), sehingga memungkinkan pengguna jaringan komputer dapat saling bertukar dokumen dan data, mencetak pada printer yang sama dan bersama - sama menggunakan hardware, software yang terhubung dengan jaringan untuk mencapai suatu tujuan yang sama.
Agar dapat mencapai tujuan yang sama, setiap bagian dan jaringan komputer meminta dan memberikan layanan ( Service ). Pihak layanan yang meminta layanan disebut klien (Client ) dan yang memberikan layanan disebut ( Server ). Arsitektur ini disebut dengan sistem Client Server, dan digunakan hampir pada seluruh aplikasi jaringan komputer.

2. Bentuk dan tipe jaringan computer

Jaringan komputer dapat berhubungan antara dua buah komputer dan banyak komputer baik dalam satu ruangan, antar desa, antar kota, antar negara, antar benua, dll.

Berdasarkan Topologi Jaringan, Jaringan komputer dapat dibedakan menjadi :
a. Topologi BUS
b. Topologi RING
c. Topologi START
d. Topologi HYBRID

3. Komponen – Komponen Jaringan Komputer
- Server
- Work Station
- NIC Network
- Kabel & Konektor
- Peralatan Tambahan

4. Pengkabelan ( Cabling )
Macam – macam kabel :
- Kabel Squatsiar
- Kabel STP ( Shieldded Twisted Pair )
- Kabel UTP ( Unshielded Twisted Pair )

Urutan kabel jaringan :
1. Putih Hijau
2. Hijau
3. Orange Putih
4. Biru
5. Biru Putih
6. Orange
7. Coklat Putih
8. Coklat

Ada 2 macam Jalur sistem kabel :

1. Crossover :
Sistem kabel untuk menghubungkan 2 perangkat yang sama, misal antara komputer dengan komputer, PC ke PC, Switch ke Switch, HUB ke HUB.

2. Straight – Through
Sistem kabel untuk menghubungkan dua perangkat yang berbeda, misal PC ke HUB, Hard ke komputer, Switch ke Router.

Tugas Praktek
Pengkabelan dengan Jalur Straight ( Lurus ) Untuk Berkoneksi atau berhubungan Dengan Jaringan yang lainnya
Alat :
- RG - 45
- Kabel Jaringan
- Tang LAN
- Tes koneksi
- Komputer

Cara kerjanya :
1. Potong Shieldnya kabel dengan menggunakan Tang ( kira – kira 2 cm dari ujungnya kabel tapi jangan dipotong kabel lunaknya ) agar terpisah dengan kabel Lunaknya, setelah terpisah Urutkan kabel Lunak sesuai dengan Urutan kabel jaringan Tapi dengan Jalur Straight, potong rata ujung kabel lunaknya, Lakukan hal yang sama untuk ujung yang satunya lagi.

2. Hubungkan RG – 45 Dengan Kabel Yang sudah di urutkan dan dipotong rata dengan cara memasukkan ujung kabel lunak ke dalam RG – 45, Pastikan saling bersentuhan !! Lakukan hal yang sama untuk ujung yang satunya lagi.

3. Jepit RG – 45 yang telah saling berhubungan sama kabel lunaknya dengan menggunakan Tang Jaringan, Pastikan Kembali !! Lakukan hal yang sama untuk ujung yang satunya lagi.

4. Tes Koneksi kabel yang telah di hubungkan dengan RG – 45 dengan Alat tes koneksi.

5. Hubungkan kabel ke komputer dan ke HUB ( Ujung A ke komputer – Ujung B ke HUB ) jika Connect lampu di CPU akan Menyala.

6. Set pengaturan software "Network Connections” komputer agar terhubung dengan komputer yang lain.

7. Agar saling berhubungan Lakukan hal yang sama dengan komputer yang lain.


Setting "Network Connections”
- Hidupkan komputer
- Klik Menu Start - Control Panel - Network and Internet Connections - Network Connections
- Klik kanan Local Area Conection pilih Properties
- Pilih Internet Protocol ( TCP / IP ) – Klik Properties
- Ceklis use the following IP address – Masukkan IP address
IP address :
Subnet mask :
Default getaway :
- OK

Selanjutnya :
- Klik Menu Start – All Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt
- Ketik Ping – Enter
C:\ Documents and Settings\ Ridwan> Ping
Pinging with 32 byte of data
Replay From : byte = 32 time < ms TTL = 128
Replay From : byte = 32 time < ms TTL = 128
Replay From : byte = 32 time < ms TTL = 128
Replay From : byte = 32 time < ms TTL = 128

Ping statistics for
Ping statistics
Packets : sent = 4,received = 4, lost = 0 < 0% loss >
Approximate round trip times in will = second :
Minimum = 0 ms maximum = 0 ms, avarage = 0 ms

Untuk menghubungkan kepada teman, pertama kita harus menanyakan IP address nya kemudian ketikan Ping
C:\ Documents and Settings\ Ridwan > Ping
Pinging with 32 byte of data
Request time out
Request time out
Request time out
Request time out

Ping statistics for
Packets : sent = 4,received = 0, lost = 4 < 100% loss >

Apabila kita ingin menghubungkan pada teman – teman yang lainnya, maka langkahnya sama seperti langkah diatas, tinggal mengetikkan Ping
Untuk menutup connection dengan cara mengclose layar command prompt dan kemudian cabut kabel yang terhubung dengan komputer dan HUB.


Jaringan komputer adalah Sekelompok komputer yang saling terhubung dan dapat saling menggunakan sumber daya, informasi, dan data bergerak melalui media penghubung berupa kabel (Wire Network) atau tanpa kabel (Wireless Network), sehingga memungkinkan pengguna jaringan komputer dapat saling bertukar dokumen dan data.
Cara untuk melihat IP kita Sendiri adalah dengan cara mengetikan Ping kemudian Enter dan cara untuk menyambung komputer teman kita terlebih dahulu harus tahu IP Punya Teman kita setelah itu ketikkan Ping


Topologi adalah Bentuk suatu Perencanaan atau penangsiran dari jaringan komputer.
Topologi Bus adalah kabel terhubung setiap-setiap komputer secara linier.
Topologi Ring adalah melingkar dalam jaringan ini komputer ditata sekitar HUB setral yang mengontrol komunikasi dan berkomunikasinya dan hubungan yang lain
Topologi Start adalah setiap kumputer berhubungan ke HUB sentral biasa disebut dengan konsentrator yang berfungsi sebagai penguat multiport.
Topologi Hybrid adalah topologi gabungan dari pada topologi BUS, RING, dan STAR.
IP (Internet Protokol) adalah Prosudur yang mengatur beberapa fungsi dari komputer di mana protokol mengizinkan adanya hubungan antara komputer untuk dapat saling tukar menukar informasi atas terkirim data.
Shield adalah bangian lapisan luar dari kabel jaringan.
HUB adalah suatu alat untuk menghubungkan komputer kebanyak komputer yang saling berkoneksi dalam satu jaringan .
Repeator adalah untuk menguatkan sinyal jaringan
Bridge adalah jembatan sebuah LAN dengan LAN yang lain sehingga menjadi lebih luas
Router adalah untuk menghubungkan dua buah jaringan yang berbeda
Kabel Squatsiar adalah untuk menghubungkan perangkat dengan antara yang berada pada luar ruangan .